Air quality inquiry program

AQIQ Mongolia Chapter

Air pollution is a global issue posing challenges to public health, the economy, and climate change. During Mongolia’s winter months, pollution levels are severe especially, posing heavy burden on the health of the population. Reducing air pollution is one of the top national priorities in Mongolia. Gaining knowledge about air quality is one of the first steps towards reducing air pollution, and protecting ourselves and our communities.

Program goal

AQIQ is an international program intended to: provide air quality training to youths using STEM curriculum, teach them how to use air quality monitoring devices, build capacity to carry out independent air quality research projects, and prepare them to become community educators on air quality in their own communities.

About the program

The AQIQ Mongolia Chapter was launched in 2019 in Ulaanbaatar. The program will be extended to other regions in the country. The AQIQ program in the United States has engaged over 50 university and 2,000 high school students since 2013. 

The program is implemented through partnerships between Public Lab Mongolia, National University of Mongolia, and the Hannigan Air Quality and Technology Research Lab at the University of Colorado Boulder. 

Program activities

The program will partner with local universities and high schools and implement the following activities: 

  • Train university students on air quality and use air quality measuring devices to become mentors
  • Mentors will train and guide high school students on independent air quality projects 
  • Organize public events to showcase students’ independent air quality research projects